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Last updated Feb 4, 2022.

As a small growing startup, we're always moving fast to ship you new features! Unfortunately that also means we tend to run into bugs. We are always actively monitoring bugs as they come in and working to get them resolved as quickly as possible. Please use this dedicated page for ongoing updates on both critical and minor bugs:

Current Bugs List

NON-BUG Cloning functionality temporarily disabled
Background: We disabled this functionality on purpose related to this launch.
Status: Medium priority - should be resolved by 1st or 2nd week of Feb

NON-BUG Analytics temporarily inaccurate
Background: We paused analytics on purpose related to this launch. Analytics are currently being migrated. In progress.
Status: High Priority - should be resolved the week of Feb 2nd

Last created date showing as 1969
Status: Medium Priority

Scheduling rules> date picker is being finicky and difficult to select dates
Status: Resolved

Changes cannot be saved in editor
Status: Resolved

Save & Exit triggering site visitor and scheduling rules not to save
Status: Resolved

Product rules missing/not an option to select on some legacy campaigns
Background: Some campaigns got misclassified during our migration.
Status: Resolved

Site Visitor Rules: Cart contents not working
Background: This was one of the rules launched as part of our major rules engine launch last week.
Ideal end state: Banner displays correctly based on cart contents (for example, the site visitor has 2 items in cart).
Status: Resolved

Pop Ups showing up inside of Template Library for legacy Banner campaigns
Background: related to Bug #3
Status: Resolved

Legacy Banner campaigns -> if you chose your products manually using checkboxes, they are showing as Dynamic Product Rules
Background: only a front end display issue- this** should not affect your live banners
Status: Resolved

New campaigns showing up as duplicates in the Banner dashboard.
Status: Resolved- will not happen anymore. Old duplicates may remain.

Order of Banner dashboard temporarily out of order
Status: Resolved

Old Bugs

Publish button inside the editor is incorrectly disabled even after selecting Products.
Background: We made this change in order to prevent users from accidentally going live with content and forgetting to choose any products to show it on, thus causing confusion.
Ideal end state: Publish button is only disabled when the user has NOT selected products. After selecting 1 or more products (or specifying tags), the Publish button is enabled immediately.
Status: Resolved ✅ Dec 6, 2021
Workaround: Publish your campaign from outside the editor (via the dashboard or the campaign details page)

Site visitor geolocation targeting
Background: We recently launched a new feature to allow users to show their campaigns only to certain site visitors (based on country code). This feature wasn't working temporarily but has now been resolved.
Ideal end state: above
Status: Resolved ✅ Dec 1, 2021

X to dismiss Pop Up showing outside of the Pop Up box
Background: N/A
Ideal end state: X to dismiss Pop Up should show up in the top right hand corner of the Pop Up for site visitors to easily dismiss it.
Status: Resolved ✅ Dec 6, 2021

Saved Brand Colors showing the wrong color when entering a hex code.
Background: User should be able to enter a hex code to customize their Design color on font, background color, etc. When entering a hex code, this bug was showing the wrong color.
Status: Resolved ✅ Dec 1, 2021

Updated on: 04/02/2022

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