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Updated last on Dec 8, 2021

Updates as of Dec 8, 2021
We launched a Custom CSS input box to customize the styling of your designs. Please use with caution and consult your developer. Help doc here.
We added guidance on using the above in the information bubble.
We debugged an issue with Banner A and B swapping order in A/B Testing.
We debugged an issue with the X in Pop Ups showing outside the box. See Bug Report for details.
We debugged issues with site visitor geolocation targeting. Now resolved.
We debugged an issue with the Publish button inside the editor that was incorrectly disabled even after selecting Products. See Bug Report for details.
We debugged Saved Brand Colors showing the wrong color when entering a hex code.

Updates as of Nov 16, 2021

We now provide guidance on image upload for Pop Ups inside the app. Images should be smaller than 1MB.
We now offer the ability to select the order in which your Banners stack on top of each other. See advanced settings in the Design section.
We now offer site visitor geolocation targeting and a shake effect for Banners.
We debugged instances of Pop Up font styling not rendering correctly on site. Still monitoring.
We debugged some issues we were seeing on product tags not saving.
We debugged some issues we were seeing around the screen going white inside the product section of the editor.
We debugged some issues we were seeing when clicking “show selected” on chosen products.
We added more guidance on how A/B Testing works and that it unpublishes original Banners.
We added display limits for Pop Ups to ensure site visitors only see it a certain number of times.
We fixed some display issues on numbers in the Analytics dashboard. Some formatting issues persist.
We added a default for Banners and Pop Ups to show on all products if you forget to select any.

Updated on: 08/12/2021

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