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Pricing FAQ + How Impression Limits Work

We have five plans:

$0/mo Free with 2,500 impressions + Because branding
$59/mo Starter with 25,000 impressions / month
$299/mo Pro with 150,000 impressions / month
$999/mo Advanced with 500,000 impressions / month + Dedicated Account Manager
Custom can be customized further based on your store's required impressions.


* What is an Impression?
Each impression = 1 view of your Design on your site. For example, if a site visitor sees a Banner on one page and then moves to another page and sees a Banner and a Pop Up, that will count as 3 impressions. When estimating the ideal impression limit for your store, we recommend multiplying your monthly site traffic X 5, to be safe. For example if your average monthly site traffic is 10,000, you’ll likely need 50,000 monthly impressions.

Will my account automatically upgrade?
No, your Campaigns will just stop showing on your website. We’re always happy to give you an extra 20% of buffer impressions if you message us in chat. We’re also happy to help analyze which plan might be best for your store. Book time with us here.

How will I know when I hit my impression limit?
You will receive multiple automated email from us letting you know you hit your limit. In order to ensure you receive this email, make sure you are not unsubscribed from updates to Because and ensure the domain is not marked as spam!

Below is some assistance from our team in thinking about the right plan for you👇*

All plans have unlimited features except the free plan has Because Branding.

The only difference between the plans other than that is the number of impressions which is fancy speak😆 for the number of eyeballs that see your content (1 view of a banner = 1 impression). If a site visitor sees 2 banners on a page, that will count as 2 impressions.If they then move to another page and see a third, that will count as 3 total impressions. For each 1 site visitor you have, you'll likely need 3-5X Because impressions.

❤️If you need 25,000 monthly impressions, you'll fit best on our $59/mo Starter plan. (Best for stores with ~1,000-10,000 monthly site visitors). 

💙If you need 150,000 monthly impressions, you'll fit best on our $299/mo Pro plan. (Best for stores with ~10,000- 60,000 monthly site visitors).

💜If you need 500,000 monthly impressions, you'll fit best on our $999/mo Advanced plan with a dedicated Account Manager. (Best for stores with ~60,000- 200,000 monthly site visitors).

If you need more than 500,000 monthly impressions, our team can put together a custom pricing option for you.

You can chat with one of our Product Success specialists if you need help determining which ones is best for you.

Updated on: 19/08/2022

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