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How to: "$X left" to unlock free shipping

Go into the editor for your banner or text element.


Click "dynamic text" and select "Current Cart Total"

Dynamic text

Move the dynamic text token by copying and pasting into the part of your sentence you want it. Like for example: "Add {|viewing_user.cart_total|} to unlock free shipping!"

Insert dynamic text

Next, we'll want to turn this dynamic text token into a math equation so we will subtract the cart value from the free shipping threshold to find out how much the visitor needs to add to cart to unlock free shipping. For example, if your free shipping threshold is $100 and the cart has $50 in it, you'll want the dynamic text to adapt to "Add $50 to unlock free shipping!"

In order to do this, add a "100 -" inside the brackets. Example: "Add {|100 - viewing_user.cart_total|} to unlock free shipping!"

Subtract from your shipping threshold

This will subtract the cart total (which will change for each site visitor) from the shipping threshold. If your shipping threshold is different from 100, just add yours. For example, "{|200 - viewing_user.cart_total|}.

You can also set rules in the next step after the editor ("Rules") to only show this message when the site visitors have a certain amount in their cart, like "cart is greater than $50" or even "cart is greater than 0."

If you need help, you can always chat our customer support team. Good luck!

Updated on: 19/08/2022

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