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How to Use The Banner Template Library 🎨

Available on All Pricing Plans, Including FREE

We have built something we are BEYOND excited to announce that will for sure make a big difference for our Because users! We are excited to be following in the footsteps of one of our favorite marketing design tools: Canva, and launch our first ever banner template library!

New in Because: Canva-like Banner Template Library
This libraryπŸ’‘is rich with over a dozen templates for all different types of use cases from shipping to promotions to BOGOs to give back, stock information, product materials, news, and more.

We will be constantly updating the Because Library to include templates from around the world holidays to major ecommerce moments like BFCM and seasonal sales.

Template Library

Choose any template you want and then edit it to be your own ✍🏻 No more scratching your head on what banner to create! Now just leave it to the experts πŸ˜‰

How to Use the Because Banner Template Library:
Simply Login to your Shopify account
Open the Because app and either click on an existing Banner or create a new one

Choose a banner

Click through to get to the Banner editor and there you'll see all the banner templates!

Open the template library

Feel free to scroll through all the templates and explore for inspiration!

Banner templates

To search for a new template - search for a term like "Labor Day" or "Shipping" and a banner will pop up for you to use and edit.
To customize your own, simply click on a banner. Just note it will replace what you were working on before in case you don't want to lose your work!
You can customize every part of a chosen template, from colors, to fonts, to icons.

Edit your Text

Edit your design

Once you are done editing your banner, choose the Products you want it to go live on. You can either choose your product manually using checkboxes, or you can target them dynamically using Shopify Tags.
You can then publish it live on your site by selecting "Pick Dates" at the top to schedule for later, or click "publish" to go live immediately. Not ready to publish your banner live? Simply select "save."

If you need help, simply chat with us or email

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Updated on: 18/10/2021

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