New in Because: Scheduling 📆
We launched an exciting new feature -- the ability to schedule your Banners and Pop Ups. You can now schedule 📆 a start and end date for your content.

No more forgetting to turn off your limited time promotions- now just choose your date selection in your campaign details and publish it. It won't go live until the start date, and it will automatically turn off on your end date.

Just keep in mind this calendar functions on a global UTC timezone, so make sure you're following that timeline and not your local timezone 😇

Scheduling is perfect for getting organized when prepping multiple Banners or Pop Ups at once.

When should you use Scheduling?
🗓 Here are some of our most common use cases for Scheduling:

⏳ Limited time BOGOs
🎄 Holiday promotions just for the day, week, or month
🎁 New product releases
📦 Out of stock messages based on when you plan to re-stock
🚚 Shipping delays or COVID updates
⏱ Really anything that only needs to be published for a limited amount of time!

Here's how you can get to scheduling in the app:
Create a Banner or Pop Up

Click on the Banner or Pop Up from your Banner dashboard or Pop Up dashboard ("Banners" or "Pop Ups" in the top navigation)

That will drop you into your Details page where you can then select "Pick Dates"

Alternatively, you can click "Edit" and go into the Editor where you'll also find the Scheduling feature on the top bar

Click "Pick Dates" in the top navigation inside the banner editor (screenshot below).

Your Banner/Pop Up MUST be published for it to go live on your selected dates and it will follow the UTC timezone.

Try it out in Because here!

If for some reason your Banner or Pop Up doesn't look right, just chat with us and we'll be happy to help.
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