We are continuing to make Because the best product page customizer app for your Shopify site. We have always been a no-code app, but in order to provide the highest level of customization possible to our users, we just launched the option for custom Banner and Pop Up placement!

Where you can use custom placement for Banners:
✅ This can be used on any product page. If you want a different placement than "above add to cart" like above your quantity button or below add to cart.
✅ This can also be used for placement on your Collection pages or Home page!
❌ This CANNOT be used for placement in your checkout, order page, or quick view.

Where you can use custom placement for Pop Ups:
✅ This can be used on any page of your site including your Collection Page(s) and your Home Page.
❌ This CANNOT be used for placement in your checkout or quick view.

How to use custom Banner & Pop Up placement:
Find your "campaign id" in your Details page (you can get to this just by clicking on your Banner from the Banner dashboard- see screenshot below).

Click the three dot menu on any Banner you have and go to "Edit Rules"
🎉 Once you're inside the Rules Editor, you'll see a section at the top of the page asking "where" you want to show your Banner or Pop Up.
Choose "Custom Placement."
Click save & exit and move on to the steps to edit your site code directly.

In order to use Custom Placement for either your Banner or your Pop Up, follow the following directions (feel free to chat in and we'll help you!).

🤖 Go into your site/store template
💻 Place <div class="beautiful_intelligence-location" campaign_id="afe6588ffa"></div> in your HTML where you want your Banner or Pop Up to appear. But make sure you update the campaign id part with your id you found in the above steps (see screenshot).
Save your site template changes.
Your Banner or Pop Up should appear in the specific location you specified.
Your Pop Up should appear on the page you specified, but the functionality will be the same- a Lightbox Pop Up that darkens the background of your page.
If you are having any issues, feel free to chat with us or contact our support team in the little chat box in the bottom right hand corner of this page!

More in Because
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* Because users are already planning ahead for BFCM and upcoming seasonal holidays by scheduling their banner campaigns with our new scheduling feature.
* Check out our template library of Banners! It's super easy for you to add banners based on your messaging - just customize your message, color, and icon and hit publish.
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