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How to use custom CSS input box

When should you use the custom CSS input inside the Because editor?

We recommend only using this when
You have a developer or technical person on your team who knows how to code (or maybe that's you!)
You've already confirmed the change you're trying to make isn't possible without code. Feel free to consult our chat team which is available 24/7.
You want to make a stylistic change that requires code, like putting icons next to each other rather than on opposite ends of the Banner.

How do I use the custom CSS input?
Go in to edit one of your Designs in Because (Banners, Pop Ups, or Top Bars).
Once you're inside the Editor, click the 'Design' section. Then expand 'Advanced Settings' to see more options.

Advanced settings

Find the ' Custom Css' section and add your own CSS inside the <style> tag of your site to customize your content.

Custom CSS section

Select Products or target Products using Tags.

Choose products

Publish live on your site.

Publish to your site

If you see any code conflict, contact the Because support team right away.
Be aware that any changes could affect your content showing properly on your site, so use with caution and consult your developer before publishing.

Updated on: 08/12/2021

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