Q&A on all our new Banner positioning options👇

❓Can I add a Because Banner to my collection page or home page?

✅You sure can! 💻 But it will require code with our custom placement option.

More details in our help doc here.

❓How many options do I have for Banner positions on my site that do NOT require code?
✅Three. See details below.

⬆️Above your Add to Cart button on your Product Page.

⬇️Below your Add to Cart button on your Product Page.

📣Top Bar below your Site Navigation on your Product Page.

❓Where can I use custom placement?

✅ If you want a different placement than above or below add to cart, like above your quantity button.

✅ Collection pages.

✅ Your Home page.

❓Where do I find these new placement options

✅ Go into the Banner editor by clicking on one of your Banners in your Banner dashboard. Then click "Edit Banner" to get into the editor. Once you're in, click the 3rd option on the left, "Design." At the bottom of that section (screenshot below), you'll see your options! The only one that requires code is "Custom placement" and the details on how to do it can be found in the "i" information bubble to the right.

Banner placement options
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